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Detailed in the Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) § 604 (Zoning Purposes).

This task is daunting, far-reaching and demanding. It requires great attention to detail on a day-to-day basis,
while at the same time, demands a future vision of the community as it relates to ordinance provisions.  

Yet, this vision is constrained by the literal language specific to provisions in the zoning ordinance.

Daunting, far-reaching or all encompassing because MPC § 604.1, under zoning purposes states that: The
provisions of zoning ordinances shall be designed: to promote, protect and facilitate any or all of the following:
the public health, safety, morals and the general welfare; coordinated and practical community development . . .
and . . . Adequate water supply for domestic, commercial, agricultural or industrial use, and other public
requirements; as well as preservation of the natural, scenic and historic values in the environment and
preservation of forests, wetlands, aquifers and floodplains.

This abbreviated list becomes more demanding when examined in detail, and requires an individual with
community vision. However, this future image of the community is, limited by law, to the specific language
provided in the ordinance.

Nonetheless, clear zoning determinations, supported by ordinance provisions
reflecting community vision can make the difference.

Excerpted from the Department of Community and Economic Development Publications  (DCED)
(The Zoning Officer - Planning Series #9)
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Zoning Ordinance Adopted Dec 9, 2009
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